Larchwood Coaching & Education Centre

(The home of Mark Laws Performance Coaching)

After twelve years of finding my way in the fitness industry, learning from some of the most influential coaches in the game and after having travelled the world teaching my own principles to thousands of fitness professionals, in October 2018 I set up a base for ‘Mark Laws Performance Coaching’ deep in the Norfolk countryside. With the help and support of Mr Hugh’s Rapeseed Oil, Moth in a China Shop and Wolverson Fitness, I finally have a place to call ‘home’. Larchwood is set within 40 acres of woodland and boasts an indoor Performance Centre, outdoor workout space, multiple woodland trails, obstacle course training area and vast amounts of camping space.

  • Dumbbells up to 50kgs

  • Competition kettlebells up to 40kgs

  • Multiple squat stations and accessories

  • Gymnastics apparatus such as Rings and Parallettes

  • Complete set of macebells

  • 4 Olympic Lifting platforms

  • Bumper plates and competition standard barbells

  • Multiple pull up stations and accessories

  • 10m strip of astro turf and prowler

  • Complete set of medicine balls




Strength is one of the most important skills that you could either develop or increase. Not only will this make the rigours of your daily life easier to cope with, change your physique and alleviate any aches and pains, but it is also crucial for postponing the effects of old-age.



Over the last few hundred thousand years our ability to move has been diminishing, yet we know that it is critical for our survival. You will not find a treadmill or elliptical trainer in sight, but there are plenty of non-impact options for you to move the way your body is designed.



The main reasons that people don’t achieve anything in gyms is because they either do the same things repeatedly and their body reaches a plateau, or they get so bored of the gym that they cannot build enough consistency. Neither of those ‘problems’ will be problems here.