24th February Workshop: Sabina Skala (plus Josh Mullin and Kevin Francomme)


24th February Workshop: Sabina Skala (plus Josh Mullin and Kevin Francomme)


Location: Mark Laws Performance Coaching, Old Larchwood, Beachamwell Road, Beachamwell, Swaffham, PE37 8AT.

Time: 10am - 3pm

About Sabina:

Sabina is a very successful S&C Coach, working with numerous pro and amateur athletes including the following disciplines: MMA, BJJ, Polo, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Heptathlon, Triathlon, Military and Police forces, as well as athletes with disabilities.

Her main focus is strength and conditioning for the best athletic performance possible, however she also works extensively as pre-and post-rehab assistance (working closely with Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in London), bringing injured athletes back to full function.

She has taught workshops on the subject of S&C for athletic performance in UK, South Africa, Ireland, Holland, Austria, Australia and Dubai. Her sports background is kayaking, and at present she is focusing on ultra distance running. Despite being pretty new to the sport her first big run was The Marathon Des Sables in 2018 - 250km across The Sahara Desert.

For more information visit www.sabinaskala.co.uk



  • Identifying weak links (structural, muscular and neural) that hinder athletic performance, working on what is crucial for a strong, resilient athlete yet is very often overlooked

  • How heavy should you lift, when and how heavy is strong enough for your sport or/and for a weekend warrior?

  • Setting strength, power, strength endurance & endurance standards depending on the goals, sport, life style, and genetic predispositions.

  • Strength solutions for various athletic goals (from ultra running to powerlifting) - programming and exercise choice

  • How can we learn from it and use it to train general population?

  • What are the common mistakes and misconceptions when programming for athletic performance?

  • How can we make what we call a ‘hybrid athlete’ and how we can use the elements of their training to work with general population? 

  • Scanning the fundamental lifts. Why back injuries happen when squatting or deadlifting, solutions to fix the problems and avoid the mistakes - the most and least common ones.

  • Bodyweight strength - exploring movement potential and how we can use it when training for health and for performance


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