3 month Intro Package (starting on 1st July)


3 month Intro Package (starting on 1st July)


This 3-month intro package will give you all the tools you need to start making the changes you have been wanting for years. Now you have seen the results first hand it is time to reap the same rewards that numerous other people on your doorstep are getting!

3 month intro package includes…

  • 3 months access to gym and all classes, worth £60 per month

  • 1 Assessment session, worth £50

  • Weight Loss Seminar, priceless!

  • Weight Loss Accountability group, worth £10 per month

That is £260 worth of products over 3 months…for just £140.

The only promise I will make is that if you invest lots of time and effort, plus a little bit of cash then you will be rewarded.

But you cannot just sit on your arse hoping for a miracle, so do not purchase this product if you are not willing to commit wholeheartedly.

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Everyone is achieving incredible things at my facility, but in terms of weight loss Cara, Michelle and Bev have been incredible. They have lost nearly 8 stone between then since Christmas and now a LOT of people are starting to tell them how good they look and then asking them for their secrets.

The ‘secret’ might not be what some people want to hear, but tough. Here is what they did…

  • Faced their anxieties and fears head on and came to ask for help

  • Realised that I do not bite and put their trust in me, in spite of the ‘different’ approach to anything they had done before

  • Attended classes between 2 and 4 times per week, all through the dark and cold winter months when it was so easy to stay at home

  • Made time for themselves each week, despite having husbands, children, jobs and friends that also needed attention

  • Invested around £250 over 5 months

  • Attended my Weight Loss Seminar and took on board everything they were told

  • Tracked their calories regularly (daily for some periods) and made better decisions

In a nutshell there is no quick, easy, miracle solution.

But by investing lots of effort, making a few hours of time per week, finding some surplus cash from somewhere, and then being patient and consistent, all 3 girls are being rewarded after 5 months and have all found the process to be “life changing”.

If you would like to have what they have, then do what they have done.

Purchase 1 of the 20 places available, make an appointment with me to have your initial assessment and then spend 3 months changing your life the way they have changed theirs…

I must warn you though, we have a lot of fucking fun too!!!