What makes you better than other Personal Trainers?


I am not better. But I am thankfully different. That question is very subjective depending on what you are looking for of course. If you want someone who can make you tired, count your reps for you, make you feel sick or make you bleed then there are no shortage of Personal Trainers out there.

If you enjoy their company, feel that you get good value for money and think your progress is going well then that is great - carry on!

If you do NOT enjoy their company, don't think you get value for money or you aren't happy with your progress then you know where I am if you would like to chat.

The problem that most Personal Trainers have is that they believe there is a right and wrong way of operating. This is NOT true. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong, there are just appropriate and inappropriate ways of operating.

The reason 90% of all Personal Trainers fail is because they try to make one method work for everyone. Something might work for some of the people some of the time but it will not work for all of the people all of the time.

With so many years of experience I am confident that I can help you to achieve more, whilst not taking up a ridiculous amount of your time or killing you in the process.

Why do i need someone to tell me what to do in the gym?

How hard can it be...?

Great question. Firstly, if it was easy to achieve your goals you wouldn't be reading this in the first place. Secondly, there is a huge difference between 'working out' and 'maximising your potential'.

My favourite and most famous analogy is this: You know how to use a pair of scissors, but when you go to the hairdresser's there is NEVER an option where you can pay £5 to sit down and cut your own hair. Instead you book an appointment with a trained and experienced professional who can use those scissors in a way that you cannot. If you are a man you pay them £10-£25 for this. If you are a lady you pay small fortunes for it.

Even if there was an option to pay much less and do it yourself you would have to be stupid to consider this 'cheaper' option because it is inevitable that the end product would not look anywhere near what you would like.

Your body is far more complex than any haircut, far more precious and far more important.

I have never heard anyone complain about how strong they have become, how well they move or how great they feel. Which makes the benefits of professional coaching priceless.

Why would i want to train in a small group rather than by myself?

How about 5 reasons why you should switch from ‘1:2:1 Personal Training’ to ‘Semi Private’ or ‘Small Group’ coaching’?

1.       More success (scientifically proven that you achieve more when you are part of a group).

2.       More enjoyable (no awkward silences or small talk and plenty of opportunities to make new                friends).

3.       More independence (you will learn why you are doing what you are doing more in a group,                which means that if/when you train alone you will get a lot more done).

4.       More helpful (your PT can only really accommodate around 20 people if they all train 1:2:1,              BUT by introducing Small Group Training that number could go over 100 - which means                  more people in your community and more of your friends/family/colleagues can benefit).

5.       More savings (my Small Group sessions work out around £8 per session. That is the same                    quality you would get from a £100 PT session but more fun and constructive too. It is a                      no-brainer if you ask me).


Having said all of that, if you are one of the people who just really like having 1:2:1 Personal Training then that is absolutely fine and I am more than happy to accommodate.

The next step is to get in touch. I don't bite and will always spare time for anyone who has questions. I am NOT a pushy salesman, nor will I pressure you into doing anything that you are not 100% committed to. Whether you have experience of working with Personal Trainers or not, no matter what your experience levels or goals are then I can only promise to speak with you honestly.