Many people are often intimidated by the gym environment. They worry about how difficult sessions will be, how stupid they will look and much it is all going to hurt!

I am here to tell you that this is NOT the case. My methods are tried and tested, and they work every single time someone sticks to them.

There are multiple ways you can benefit from working with me depending on your budget, time constraints and your specific requirements.

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It is well known that you are more likely to achieve success as part of a group. These small group sessions have been a revelation since I launched them in August 2016. I run these sessions in Downham Market (8 people) and Swaffham (6 people).

Each person has their own individual programme to follow, but they have the benefit of exercising with like minded people. Great friendships have been forged between all members of the groups which is why the results have been so good.

Price: £100 per month (3x per week) or £70 per month (1x per week)



Some people may prefer to exercise alone, or cannot commit to coming along at set times for the group sessions. For this reason I am still running a limited amount of 1:2:1 coaching sessions.

They are a little more expensive but you have the freedom and flexibility to workout around all other committments in your life.

Price: £325 per month (3x per week), £240 per month (2x per week) or £130 per month (1x per week)



This programme has been put together to break down some of the most common barriers that are preventing people from paying someone else to tell them what to do in the gym...

  1. Cost - it is easy to object to the price of something before you appreciate the value of it. This is an extrememly cost effective way of getting three months worth of coaching.
  2. Time - you attend a 1:2:1 session each month and have open access to me on an appointed day during each week, plus a written programme with videos that you can perform in your own time.
  3. Need - it may seem like a simple task to just walk into a gym, lift weights up and achieve your goals but it is far more complicated than that. You can use scissors yet still pay a hairdresser to cut your hair...

After these 90 days you will have learned enough to last you a lifetime and hopefully prevent you from wasting time/money/effort in the wrong places in future.

Price: £90 for 90 days