About me...

I have worked full time in the fitness industry since 2006, and worked in a coaching capacity since 1999. During this time I have helped thousands of people to enhance their ability to go about their daily lives - from professional athletes to the most average members of the public.

During my wide ranging and diverse experience I have developed a set of principles that are non-negotiable for anyone working with me...my very own 10 Commandments...

  1. Thou shalt master the basics and earn the right to progress
  2. Thou shalt prioritise movement and mobility
  3. Thou shalt forget any previous training methods responsible for your current condition
  4. Thou shalt set performance based goals, not aesthetic based goals
  5. Thou shalt find excuses to do things rather than NOT doing them
  6. Thou shalt be patient, trust in the process and not look for short term miracles
  7. Thou shalt work hard when required, but be equally appreciative of the importance of rest
  8. Thou shalt be relentless in the pursuit of becoming stronger
  9. Thou shalt commit 100% to the process
  10. Thou shalt not be a complete dickhead

If you cannot/do not wish to adhere to all of these rules that is absolutely fine. There are thousands of average Personal Trainers around that are desperate for your money.

If you are willing to make some changes and become stronger than ever before, and in doing so make positive changes to the appearance of your body, then feel free to contact me and I will make all the time in the world for you.

If you can live by these rules then I promise you will benefit greatly as a result.